Joining Services


The community is invited to attend an additional information and consultation session in relation to the proposal to join Nathalia, Cobram and Numurkah Health Services

WHEN: Thursday 14 March at 6.30pm-8.00pm

WHERE: Numurkah District Health Service Multipurpose Room, 2 Katamatite Road, Numurkah

A presentation will be given followed by a question and answer session with the Board Chairs from Nathalia, Cobram and Numurkah, plus an opportunity to provide your views. There will also be a display of information and handouts to take away.

The aims of the session:

  • To provide further information about the proposal (process, options, health profile of our communities, due diligence, consultation outcomes to date, next steps).
  • To outline the facts and address information that is being circulated in the community.
  • To provide an additional opportunity for people to share their views/ask questions.



  • A proposal to join Nathalia, Cobram and Numurkah health services (voluntary amalgamation) is being considered by the health services to improve access to care for local communities.
  • The proposal will combine the management and governance of the three organisations under one entity and will be put to the Minister seeking her approval.
  • We have already heard from a wide range of the community, including 165 attendees at staff and community consultation sessions, 125 attendees at community tents, 72 survey responses, 28 meetings with staff, community groups and individuals (reaching hundreds), a total of 14,762 people reached via social media posts/advertising with 506 engagements, plus 20 letters/submissions received. We will incorporate this feedback into the proposal.
  • It is important to note: the existing hospitals/facilities will remain in place, in their current locations. Current services will be maintained and enhanced. There will be no loss of services, staffing or funding.
  • The proposal was launched to the public in November 2017 and communication and consultation has taken place since this time and is ongoing.
  • The proposal has not ceased at any stage, the Minister has not made a decision. Partnerships have strengthened between the three services over the last 12 months.
  • The Board of an amalgamated health service will still have local representation from each community and each community will have their own Community Advisory Group that will report to the Board.
  • The proposal will address challenges faced by rural health services, such as meeting changing community needs and more complex care, attracting and retaining staff, attracting specialists and meeting legislative compliance.
  • The proposal to join services presents opportunities to attract funding for new services, opportunities to create a stronger health system and to provide better health care, locally.
  • Local funding will remain local. The Boards have confirmed the current financial reserves at each organisation will focus on local priorities for each health service. For example, The Numurkah District Health Service reserves to undertake planning for the redevelopment of Numurkah Memorial Pioneers Lodge will be held for this specific purpose. In addition, Donations and items would remain with each facility/location.