Joining Services

The Minister for Health has approved a proposal for the voluntary amalgamation of Nathalia, Cobram and Numurkah health services, to enhance access to local health care for communities.

The new organisation ‘NCN Health’ will operate under a combined management and governance structure from 1 July 2019.

The existing hospitals and facilities at Nathalia, Cobram and Numurkah will remain in place, in their current locations, and services will be maintained and enhanced. Urgent Care Centres, clinical services, aged care, primary health, allied health and all other health services will remain in place. The local identity of each facility will be preserved.

There will be no loss of services, staffing or funding.Staff are valued and all staff will transfer across to the new organisation in their current roles and locations. Volunteers are also an integral part of the organisations and will remain with each campus.

The merger will be business as usual. The CEO, Jacque Phillips, is continuing in the leadership role and has been managing the three entities over the past 12 months. A combined management structure is well advanced with a range of senior management positions in place across the campuses.

The new entity will enable significant opportunities for the growth of health services and the provision of new services that meet the needs of the three communities.

The Board will have local representation from each community and three Community Advisory Groups will be established to ensure local health needs are heard.  These are in addition to existing Consumer Liaison Committees.

There will be one Budget for the organisation from 1 July 2019 and local funding will remain local. Reserves at each organisation will be kept for local priorities. Donations and items will remain with each facility/location.

The proposal for voluntary amalgamation was approved by the Minister for Health and the Department of Health and Human Services. It was also unanimously supported by the three Boards following extensive community and staff consultation, due diligence assessment, and careful consideration of the benefits and issues – with focus on improving access to care for local communities.The independent Due Diligence Report found no major issues of concern on the proposal to join services – this included a comprehensive assessment of clinical, financial, governance, regulatory and human resource matters.